The term “relaxation” is subjective. For some, relaxation may take place in the absence of an activity; examples include napping on the beach or visiting a spa. In both of the aforementioned circumstances, one is able to clear the mind and focus on rest. For others, relaxation may involve activities that bring enjoyment; fishing or reading are pastimes that both provide mental stimulation while simultaneously requiring minimal effort. Those with intellectual or developmental disabilities also have varying preferences and requirements when trying to unwind. While some may benefit from the traditional “Calming Room,” which is exclusively focused on physical rest and the absence of stimulation, others find Snoezelen® rooms to be more effective.

Snoezelen® rooms and traditional calming rooms are both built with similar goals in mind and, likewise, utilize some of the same resources. For example, both types of rooms encourage relaxation and a calm mind. Therefore, both employ the use of padded facilities in which injury is less likely to occur and individuals are able to move around freely. However, Snoezelen® rooms appeal to individuals whose ability to relax is better supported by activities upon which they are able to focus.

According to the official website for Snoezelen®, a branded approach towards therapy for individuals facing intellectual or developmental disabilities, “The term Snoezelen® . . . is a contraction of the Dutch verbs ‘snuffelen’ (to seek and explore) and ‘doezelen’ (to relax).” Globe Star, an agency that works with the same target demographic, reinforces the purpose of Snoezelen® rooms by stating that, “Snoezelen-MSE processes can be therapeutic, educational, and/or recreational.”

Whether utilizing our services for calming rooms or Snoezelen® rooms, Advanced Padding Systems recognizes the unique needs of those who are faced with different challenges. Whether serving as a calming focal point in a room, or subtly complimenting the layout of an activity space, our products are designed to provide reliability and durability.


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