Your Partner in Advanced Padding.

Padded walls and rooms can be a complex undertaking and one that should not be taken lightly. We are your partner in success, supporting you through the design process all the way to final installation.

Since 1978

We’ve spent decades perfecting our craft and have emerged with a truly innovative padding concept for institutional use.

Working closely with architects, contractors and other key stakeholders, we’ve designed the ulimate padding solutions for every application.


The secret to safety is all in the design of our padding systems.

Safety Benefits:

  • Achieves Class A ratings for smoke developed and flame spread according to ASTM E-84-18b
  • Our seamless design makes our padding extremely difficult to damage
  • Slip resistant
  • Resists mold, mildew, cuts, tears and any abrasion
  • Formulated and sealed using non-toxic materials

Easily Maintained

Designed for lifetime use, we ensure all of our padding systems are easy to maintain and hold up to the test of time.

Maintenance Benefits:

  • Accelerated cure times following installation allow for quick and easy repairs when required
  • Seamless construction simplifies cleaning
  • Non-porous materials


Flexible Installation

Our superior design and technology team  allows us the ability to compose a solution that can be installed anywhere.

Installation Benefits:

  • Can be installed on virtually any surface permanently
  • Our design department ensures every piece of padding is designed to fit, not matter how confined the space
  • Factory direct installation team

They were very helpful in producing a custom product that worked exactly for the space we needed. The mats were easy to install. Lisa was available to answer any questions. I would recommend using this company.

Seamless from Start to Finish.




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