Advanced Safety Padding

A completely seamless padding solution made exclusively for the institutional marketplace.

Seamless Safety Padding

We designed this innovative product for those looking for an alternative to traditional wall padding in institutionally padded rooms.

With the rise in mental health facilities, the demand for these types of rooms and a durable padding solution has never been higher.

Completed Projects

Case Study: A Seamless Room for IWK Health Care

As part of this growing facility, our team was contacted to assist in the design and implementation of a state-of-the-art calming room for specialized patients. Looking to create a calm, safe and inviting environment for youth in distress, we were brought in to assess the hospital’s needs and create a safe and sanitary solution.

While our traditional fire-rated padded rooms work extremely well in many situations, this particular room required a more inclusive environment which is where our Advanced Padding solution came into play.

Providing Protection for:

Jails & Correctional Facilities

Keeping inmates and other detainees safe from self-harm is of primary concern for detention centres across North America. Click here to learn more.

Hospitals & Health Care Facilities

Primarily used in psychiatric departments, emergency departments and detox departments. Click here to learn more.

Educational Facilities

Calming and sensory rooms are quickly being installed in schools and other educational facilities across North America. Click here to learn more.

Mental Health Facilities

Whether dealing with mental disorders, addiction or rehabilitation, properly padded and protected rooms are now a requirement in many of these types of facilities. Click here to learn more.

Benefits of Advanced Safety Padding:


Fire Retardant

Designed for educational, care and detention occupancies and achieves Class A ratings for smoke developed and flame spread according to ASTM E-84-18b.



These padding systems are always permanently installed for long-lasting protection and enhanced durability.


Sound Dampening

Given the sound dampening nature of these systems, our advanced product is popular in quiet and calming rooms.


Detailed Drawings

No project goes into our production department without first being signed off by you.


Custom Elements

Doors, windows, switches, handles and any other areas are always taken into consideration.


Fast Installation

Our formula cures quickly allowing for a turnaround time and installation process as seamless as our padding.



Designed with the environment in mind, our padding systems are completely non-toxic.


Easy to Maintain

These seamless padded rooms lend themselves perfectly to cleaning and routine maintenance. They are also completely mold and mildew resistant.



The same smooth, seamless surface that allows for easy maintenance is also completely non-slip for added safety.

Had a great experience. Got exactly what I ordered, the right dimensions, the right color. I was the problem this time around — I coudn’t get my district to get them ordered! Bottom line, they work perfectly and we love them.

Seamless from Start to Finish.




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