When it comes to supporting pediatric patients through difficult times, IWK Health Centre leads the way. Located in Halifax, Nova Scotia, the facility is a leader in providing highly specialized (tertiary), primary, and secondary care services to youth in Canada’s Maritimes.

In addition to serving patients at their location in Halifax, IWK takes their expertise on the road with traveling clinics in the areas of pediatric neurology, orthopedics, cardiology and respiratory medicine. For those unable to attend in-person treatments, IWK’s computer-based videoconferencing technology reaches families throughout the Maritime provinces. Originally known as the IWK Children’s Hospital, it was renamed the IWK Health Centre in 2000 as it continued to expand its core care offerings including children’s health, women and newborn health, research, primary health and addictions and mental health.

As part of this growing facility, our team was contacted to assist in the design and implementation of a state-of-the-art calming room for specialized patients. Looking to create a calm, safe and inviting environment for youth in distress, we were brought in to assess the hospital’s needs and create a safe and sanitary solution.While our traditional fire-rated padded rooms work extremely well in many situations, this particular room required a more inclusive environment which is where our Advanced Padding solution came into play.

Enjoying all of the benefits of traditional padding, this highly specialized method of producing safety padding provides an end-product that is seamless in nature. It has the ability to be easily cleaned, and provides full coverage in any space imaginable and is perfectly suited to mental health facilities and hospitals such as the IWK. Traditional padding can become difficult to clean inside seams and gaps in coverage. Our Advanced Padding rooms provide smooth and seamless padding that not only protects against the spread of germs, but dramatically mitigates the risk of patient harm.

Throughout the discovery process, it became apparent that this padding solution was not one the hospital was aware of but one they believed would suit their needs perfectly.Following initial deliberations, our team gathered detailed measurements and began the complex process of designing a completely inclusive padding system.Following a number of reviews of the prospective room and its padding, our team was instructed to put the padding into production and schedule the final install on-site.

Once produced, our team was deployed to Halifax, ensuring all stringent COVID protocols were followed prior to arrival, throughout the entire installation process, and upon departure. Today, the hospital has an innovative solution to a problem that has existed in the mental health industry for decades. The room is ready for use and will prove to serve the patients and staff members of IWK Health for years to come.