About Advanced Padding

Just as our name suggests, our company and products are ahead of the curve. We envision, design, manufacture and install  premiere padding solutions for institutional use.

This includes but is not limited to; hospitals and health care facilities, jails and correctional facilities, psychiatric facilities, schools and educational facilities and many others. 

The Advanced Padding Difference.

We set out to not only design the best padding products and systems but to design the best overall customer experience.

Just the same as our padding is utilized to protect patients and participants, our mission to provide unwavering customer support is what protects our business. 

Our mission is to provide our customer base with the best product on the market and back it up. If something is wrong, if something needs to be fixed, if a question needs to be answered, we’ll handle it.


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Seamless from Start to Finish.

Matched with the industry’s leading customer experience.




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