Calming & Sensory Room Padding

Colorful and durable padding solutions perfectly suited for de-escalation environments.

Some of our satisfied, long-term customer base includes:

Padding solutions designed to protect.

We specialize in customized padding solutions for use in demanding situations. While most padding solutions on the market are designed to protect walls, ours are in place to protect the end user.

We proudly manufacture three distinct products, each designed for different budgets and prospective use.

Some sample use cases of our padding include:

  • Padded cells
  • Personal safety room padding
  • Seclusion room padding
  • Classroom padding
  • Padding for children with Autism
  • Sensory rooms
  • Gym wall padding
  • and much more!

Our Products


Traditional Wall Padding

This padding is permanently installed and wrapped in our heavy-duty vinyl. While this product is without fire-rating, it allows for an easy to maintain wall padding solution.

Fire-Rated Wall Padding

This product is used in a number of applications including completely padded rooms. These types of rooms have a variety of uses and can be equipped with both floor and wall padding. 


Seamless Safety Padding

A completely seamless solution for padded room design. This innovative product is perfect for demanding environments and provides unbeatable protection.

Custom Coloring

Our customized padding solutions are finished with neutral colored top coats thereby ensuring a calming effect.


Our padding systems are completely non-toxic & are resistant to cuts, tears or any abrasion.

Seamless Construction

Our seamless construction simplifies the cleaning process and ensures padding cannot be damaged.


Designed for educational, care and detention occupancies and achieves Class A ratings for smoke developed and flame spread according to ASTM E-84-18b.

Professional Installation

Installed by factory trained technicians or by local installers with factory support.

Superior Construction

Seamless construction is superior to typical panel-type installations which required additional cleaning and panel removal or replacement.

Fast Turnaround

Our padding systems are deployed and installed rapidly eliminating any requirement for extended cure times.

Unbeatable Protection

Our systems protect clients from self-injurious behaviour and safeguards staff from injury.

Industries Served

Our seamless wall and floor padding systems are utilized by a number of industries including, but not limited to, healthcare and therapeutic organizations, schools, group homes and addiction centers.

Educational Facilities

Health Care Facilities

Therapeutic Centres

Correctional Facilities

Group Homes

Addiction Centres

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