Padded rooms are essential for correctional facilities. In addition to providing added safety for staff members, patients and inmates, this designated space may also decrease a facility’s risk of liability and claims. 

Understanding the Purpose of a Padded Room

While a padded room may carry with it a negative stigma, it has always been used with the intention of offering a calming, secure space for individuals at risk of self-harm or of harming others. 

A padded room, also referred to as a padded cell, de-escalation or seclusion room, is designed with safety in mind. The role of the safety-padded room can serve to protect an intoxicated, aggressive, or suicidal individual from harming themselves or others. A padded room provides an environment that enables officers and staff members to observe from a safe distance and also promotes a sense of calm. 

Although it is essentially a space for isolation or temporary confinement, the 360-degree padding prevents personal injury and additional security. Details can be customized to include special lighting, padded fixtures, calming audio, and neutral colours; all of which calm overstimulated sensory receptors in individuals.  

Important Safety Features

For individuals displaying aggressive or erratic behaviour, the safety features of a padded room are extremely beneficial, which is why they are often included in correctional and educational as well as respite, mental, and various other healthcare facilities. 

A seamless padded room is constructed of durable materials void of sharp edges or hard surfaces, and are also slip resistant. Careful attention is paid to door knobs and other final details, ensuring every element within the padded room is safe for any individual who may be contained within it. 

Hygiene Benefits

The padded rooms of a correctional facility house individuals for a variety of reasons, including being under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for individuals to lose control of their bodily functions, causing hygienic concerns and safety issues. Beyond the health concerns that accompany this potentiality, there is also risk of injury if the flooring isn’t equipped with a non-slip surface. 

Why Choose Advanced Padding Products

Unlike many padded room products, Advanced Padding systems are seamless, making them more indestructible and easier to clean, sanitize, and maintain. Additionally, the special construction eliminates crevices where bacteria can grow and removes the need to dismantle individual panels for the purpose of deep cleaning.  

Are you interested in learning more about what Advanced Padding offers you? All of our systems are custom fitted to ensure a seamless solution. Reach out to us today to discuss how Advanced Padding can come up with a calming-room solution for your facilities.