In today’s world, we have advanced technology at our fingertips, enabling us to experience the world in a whole new way. From making purchases with the click of a button, to downloading information or attending an educational webinar or virtual classroom, learning and making a living doesn’t necessarily require travel. However, it also promotes a more fast-paced lifestyle. With round-the-clock stimuli of bright screens, constant noise, and the inability to quiet our minds, it can expose us to higher stress levels and overstimulation. While these things certainly have their uses, for individuals with developmental conditions or behavioral regulation challenges, a padded calming room can provide a safe and much needed retreat to help relieve stress. 

What is a Calming Room?

A calming room, also known as a de-escalation room, is equipped with soft, padded wall-to-wall surfaces coloured in psychologically calming tones. Such rooms are frequently found in rehabilitation and educational facilities, as well as daycare centres that cater to people with autism and emotional or social behavioral disorders.

In addition to calming rooms being installed in schools, hospitals, and various care centres, they are especially useful (and often required) in organizations that help with drug and alcohol rehabilitation. All too often, part of the detoxing process results in extreme agitation and violence. Likewise, individuals suffering from neurological disorders including Alzheimer’s and dementia can also harm themselves or others. 

A padded safety room provides a quiet, secure space for an individual to safely deescalate. 

How Do Calming Rooms Protect?

A padded calming room not only provides a safe space for its occupants, it protects the facility, workers, and caregivers as well. Because these rooms are covered in durable, tear-resistant, seamless, non-slip material, the possibility of an individual harming themselves or staff members is decreased, thus reducing the risk of legal repercussions, as well as the filing of insurance or workman’s compensation claims.

The products offered by Advanced Padding provide protection in a variety of ways:

  • Padded walls are finished in calming, neutral colours.
  • Padding can be customized to suit your facility’s needs.
  • Impact-absorbing materials reduce the risk of injury.
  • Fire-retardant, non-slip padding is durable and damage resistant.
  • Padding materials prevent mold and mildew growth and can withstand chemical and detergent cleaning.
  • Seamless design makes it easy to clean and disinfect surfaces without worrying about hard-to-reach creases.
  • Window, doors, outlets, and fixtures can be custom-fitted, recessed, or padded as well.  

By investing in a padded calming room, you can offer a secure, relaxing, and reassuring space for individuals to visit whenever they need to take a step back, take a deep breath, and clear their mind. Upon leaving the calming room, the individual will be that much more comfortable returning to the routine that’s ahead of them. 

Are you interested in learning more about calming rooms and their design? Reach out to Advanced Padding today for more information about our customizable materials and solutions.