Since 1978, Advanced Padding has been dedicated to providing excellent products and customer satisfaction for all the industries we serve. 

We recognize the primary goal for padded rooms is to keep occupants safe. Additionally, we understand that each business may have specific needs, which is why we pride ourselves in custom fitting those spaces. Here are the benefits of choosing our products.

A Reliable Solution

In this fast-paced society, where many are overly stimulated by bright lights, stressful lifestyles, or an overabundant consumption of processed, sugar-laden foods, emotional regulation and overall well-being can be affected. Calming rooms provide the ideal environment to help de-escalate an individual when they are experiencing saturated senses or struggling with anger, anxiety, or a variety of other states of distress. 

Calming rooms provide a consistent, safe, and secure environment to help individuals work through and overcome a variety of struggles, all while protecting them from harm and ensuring their comfort. 

Safety Features

Safety is at the forefront of our minds and we’ve considered multiple scenarios when designing our product. From an irate prisoner motivated to inflict harm on others, or an agitated addict focused on damaging property, to an individual whose desire is to self-injure because of frustration or emotional distress, our padding systems are constructed to withstand abuse while protecting occupants. 

Top-rated for fire and smoke resistance, the materials are non-slip, toxin-free, and mold and mildew resistant. These features make our calming rooms the prime choice for schools, correctional facilities, mental health institutions, and any other place where a secure calming room is needed. 

Low Maintenance

Our padding systems are manufactured using durable, long-lasting, quality materials that can withstand repeated cleaning and abuse. Whether your facility’s protocols require extreme sanitation methods or your patients/inmates display destructive tendencies while in the padded rooms, our products will hold up for many, many years. 

Made to last and to endure exposure to chemicals and general wear and tear, not only are our seamless padding structures easy to maintain, but the integrity of the non-porous materials is not easily compromised. And, if a repair is necessary, fast curing times make the process fast and straightforward. 


Easy Installation

With a team of designers, technology experts, and installers working together to fulfill your specific padded room needs, you can be sure that your designated space. Whether that area is newly constructed or renovated, it will be accurately fitted, regardless of room specs. And because our padded systems are made to be a permanent solution, we can install and mount it securely to practically any surface material including wood, concrete, or brick. 

While our services include professionally installing the padding systems, if you prefer to hire your own crew or take the DIY approach, you can. With each custom-made padding system, comes detailed instructions and 3-D CAD drawings. Again, our goal is to provide a quality product and exemplary customer service, as well as to offer solutions that fit most budgets, time constraints, and special requests.

If you’re interested in receiving a custom quote or would like to learn more, contact Advanced Padding today.