Guest Blog Post Authored By: Sport Systems

In a world that is becoming increasingly competitive, the beneficial aspects of collaboration can go unrecognized. The term “group project” can evoke a sense of dread, whether one has experienced a team assignment from the perspective of a slacker or team leader. While collaborative efforts can pose significant challenges, the complementary pairings of experts are well worth the risk. Recently, the partnership between Sport Systems and RMG Contract Interiors Inc. (RMG) provided an extremely successful outcome for three Ontario schools.

With the value of collaborative work in mind, Sport Systems sought out RMG regarding a public bid opportunity for three school calming rooms. With a steady demand for padded calming rooms, our team has successfully gained the experience and notoriety that attracts big projects. Paired with the expertise and strong reputation of RMG, both companies felt confident and well equipped to meet the expectations of Ontario’s School Board.

Upon arrival at each of the three Ontario schools, our combined team was faced with the challenge of turning each designated space into a room that is able to ensure the safety of students. Modifying the layout of each room, RMG’s general contractors created the base on which Sport Systems was then able to build. With the new re-structured rooms, Sport Systems’ production, drafting, and installation departments then provided fire-rated wall and floor padding for each location. The outcomes of each project were well-received by Ontario’s School Board.

Having had a positive experience working together, Sport Systems and RMG look forward to future opportunities. Providing different areas of expertise, while showcasing the same strong work ethic, the collaborative efforts of our teams provided an outcome that could not be accomplished solo.