Guest Blog Post Authored By: Sport Systems

As schools across North America begin to plan reopening, many are in the midst of upgrading facilities and spaces. With students learning virtually, schools have been placed in a precarious state of affairs over the past twelve months, leaving many facility managers wondering what the next steps would look like.

As the planning process continues, we are seeing a flurry of activity as the pandemic rounds the corner and we begin to resume our daily lives in the safest way possible. In addition to athletic infrastructure such as gymnasium upgrades, our Custom Padding department has been working diligently on churning out new designs and custom projects.

Key stakeholders at the school board were in search of a partner that could both effectively design, manufacture and install complex padding for calming rooms in their schools. With the focus continuing to be on specialized care for those struggling with mental and physical health issues, schools across North America are busy finding the perfect solution for creating calming rooms to accommodate their diverse student bodies.

Often created out of necessity, underutilized rooms in educational facilities are transformed into safe spaces. Rather than building out new areas, stakeholders are identifying potential locations within their schools and are looking for the right team to make these plans a reality.

This type of custom transformation was exactly the type of project recently brought to us by King Carpentry.

After sourcing detailed measurements and pairing them with requests from the school board, our design team quickly got to work getting approved drawings into the manufacturing phase.

Following a quick turnaround at our facility, the padding was expedited down to meet our partners on-site at the schools. Working with King Carpentry has always been a pleasant and efficient experience and despite the custom nature of these types of jobs, our partners conducted a smooth installation process. Working closely with our team and with the school board, these rooms were installed on time and on budget.

These projects are an excellent example of how a team works together to provide an efficient and long-lasting solution for schools across North America.