Advanced Padding products are designed for a variety of industries requiring padded rooms that promote safety and security. Our padding can be custom designed to fit any space desired. Constructed of durable, non-toxic, seamless, fire-resistant, anti-slip materials, Advanced Padding’s products help protect the confined individual, the staff, and the room itself.

Proudly serving a number of industries, we can design and outfit padded rooms intended for inmates, patients, or students. 

History of the Padded Room

The all-encompassing padded room was first introduced by Dr. John Conolly in the early 1800s. Working in an asylum, he witnessed the harsh treatment of restrained patients strapped to furnishings or placed in straight-jackets as a means of preventing harm, either self-inflicted or directed towards others. 

Dr. Conolly developed the concept of the padded cell and witnessed firsthand its positive effects on patients. Since then, padded rooms have been installed and utilized across diverse industries. Following are the different uses for padded rooms in various industries.

Healthcare Establishments Use Padded Rooms for Safety

Healthcare establishments caring for patients with the potential of harming themselves or others often use padded rooms to mitigate harm. Whether these patients are experiencing anger and violent behaviour due to suicidal thoughts, neurological disorders, or addiction detox, placing them in a padded cell keeps them and everyone else safer. 

In the healthcare industry, a padded room is often referred to as a calming, de-escalation, seclusion or quiet room. Regardless of the name used, every surface of the room from floor to ceiling is lined with safe, seamless, durable, impact-absorbent padded material. 

Jails and Correctional Institutions Use Padded Rooms for Extra Security

Padded jail cells are used to contain violent and aggressive inmates. These prisoners may be detained for anything from public intoxication to threatening or harming others. Whatever the reason for incarceration, sometimes by isolating them from other individuals, outside distractions and negative stimuli, can mitigate potentially violent situations.

Padded rooms in correctional institutions offer safety features such as damage-resistant, seamless padding that eliminates access to sharp or harmful objects, non-slip surfaces to prevent injury, and padded windows that provide officers a way to observe from a safe distance, just to name a few. 

Educational Organizations Use Padded Rooms to Calm Students

More than ever before, educational organizations have a need for calming, seclusion, or time-out rooms. From daycares and public schools to facilities for persons with disabilities, our educational establishments work with students who can sometimes display harmful or aggressive behaviour. The need to address and accommodate these challenges has grown recently due to an increased awareness and diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder and because of legislative acts such as the No Child Left Behind ruling, all of which affects traditional schools. 

Rooms can be custom designed to either calm or enhance learning. For example, a calming room may be padded from top to bottom in neutral-toned materials, soft lighting, and more. Advanced Padding can also design special sensory rooms filled with colourful padding, interactive lighting, various audio choices, and padded play equipment. Whatever the need, our fire-rated padding is non-toxic, easy-to-clean, and tear/damage resistant.

The “Calm-Down Room” at Hillcrest Elementary School in Turners Falls. Recorder/Tom Relihan

Psychiatric and Mental Health Facilities

Psychiatric and mental health facilities care for patients who can have the potential to injure themselves. With head banging, self-harm and other injurious behaviours, padded rooms play a major role in protecting these individuals. 

Often referred to as the quiet room or the isolation room, the entire space is usually padded top to bottom. Depending on the facility’s needs, furnishings may also be padded for the patient’s safety. Every surface of the room is smooth and uniform, covering corners, handles, and fixtures in seamless padding absorbing both sounds and impact. 

Advanced Padding is custom fitted. Completely seam free and constructed of long-lasting materials designed to endure repetitive cleaning and attempts to damage, you can count on a long-term permanent padded room from your investment.