Most of us are able to recall a time in which the oversight of a detail resulted in an avoidable problem. Whether you signed a contract without reading the fine print, failed to proofread an email before sending it out, or ruined a dish by misreading the recipe, the devil is truly in the details. However, when it comes to the safety of those who rely on us, Advanced Padding Systems recognizes that there is no room for error. By utilizing our 3D CAD Design software, clients can be confident in the safety of each space created for students and patients alike.

There are two reasons why our 3D CAD Design software provides an advantage in the planning and installation of padded rooms. The first is that it allows for easy communication between clients, designers, manufacturers, and those responsible for the installation of each product. However, even with several checks in place, human mistakes are inevitable.

Our software not only allows for easier communication; it allows for errors to be spotted before production begins. By creating a 3D visual of the final product, designers and manufacturers are able to see any potential issues that may arise during installation. For example, if an outlet is present in the padding’s designated space, the software will make it evident to designers which layouts will be unsuitable for the room. Furthermore, if the initial measurements taken are inaccurate, it will become visibly apparent when creating the 3D design of the product.

Enhancing communication between team members and providing a failsafe when communication does fail, our 3D CAD Design software not only provides an advantage for our team but our clients benefit from the use of this software as well. Save your time, money, and sanity by allowing our team, in conjunction with this innovative approach, to fulfill your project’s needs. With a standard of excellence, we continue to offer hard, honest work facilitated by continually improved and innovative processes.