Guest Blog Post Authored By: Sport Systems

One of our most recent projects brought us to the Durham region of Ontario, located about 80km east of Toronto. Nestled in the municipality of Clarington, we were involved in some much-needed upgrades at a local recreation complex.

After experiencing significant growth over the past five years, the game of pickleball is now everywhere these days. While played outdoors the majority of the time, in Canada, the season is drastically reduced as the fall and winter months roll in. To extend the playing season, many facilities are beginning to expand facilities and programming to offer indoor pickleball courts and associated programming.

With any indoor court sport, safety considerations surrounding the court surface must always be taken into account. Much like with other sports such as basketball and volleyball, as participants are actively engaged in game play, collisions with walls, posts and poles are always a concern for facility managers and operators.

As such, the municipality reached out to our team to design a solution for their busy pickleball courts inside the Diane Hamre Recreation Complex in Newcastle. As with many pickleball courts, they can be tightly packed into a gymnasium or other athletic space, which was definitely the case on this project.

During the discovery process, our team quickly acquired the measurements and specifications needed to address the problem at the facility, which were then relayed back to our fabrication to team who was eager to get this padding project into production.

Following the production process, the wall padding was shipped directly to the end user for installation. Today, the walls surrounding the courts feature our permanent wall padding, set in place to provide protection for present and future participants.