While we have been involved in a number of projects involving a variety of facilities and applications, one area in which our specialized padding is perfectly suited for is correctional facilities.

Used to reform and rehabilitate offenders, these facilities can be very complex in design. With no two facilities being the same, the large amount of work commissioned in these locations is very customized in nature.

Backed with decades worth of experience and a tech team to support it, we’ve proudly carved a niche in the space for those very reasons. Where some facilities require our Advanced Padding solution, many others have made use of our fire-rated padding system as well.

Advanced Vs. Fire-Rated

As the first question that often comes up in a discovery call, customers and facility managers often ask the specific differences between the two products. While they are both fire-rated in nature, the main differences are seen in the design, manufacturing and installation processes.

Our fire-rated wall padding is more traditional in nature, looking like something you could see inside of a school gymnasium, made up of individual wall mats. Our Advanced product is completely different. Providing a clean and seamless surface, this product is much more advanced in design but provides the protection many facilities require.

Made for Corrections

As we stated above, our Advanced systems are extremely popular in the correctional industry. The main reason for this being that self-injury and harm are the leading causes of injury in these types of facilities across North America.

In fact, the number of incidents regarding self-injury in federal correctional facilities has nearly tripled over the past decade. These facilities are designed to rehabilitate inmates and patients and keeping them safe and healthy is always a top concern for management.

These types of padded rooms are on the rise due not only to the safety they provide to inmates, but also to their sanitary nature. Given the fact that these padded rooms are completely seamless in design, in the event that harm is self-inflicted, they provide the opportunity to properly clean and sanitize afterwards.

In a time where health is at the forefront of everything we do around the world, the sanitary nature of our Advanced product cannot be emphasized enough.

For more information on our processes or do get a no obligation quote for your facility, do not hesitate to reach out to a member of our team for more information.