The World’s Leading Padding Solution

As a leader in the institutional padding and safety market, our team is constantly looking for ways to improve our product offering. After spending years in research and development, we proudly came to market with the world’s leading padding solution just a few short years ago.

There are many challenges associated with developing and promoting such an ordinary product in a sophisticated market. With the right team in place, however, we have proven and established our presence in a very short time. In an effort to ensure that our products have clear purposes and are easy to install, we have instituted three main products based on prospective-use scenarios. With the goal of ensuring the safety of both the individual and those surrounding them, we introduced the Protector One, Protector Two, and Protector Three products.

Each one of these products varies in construction materials, durability and installation. Just as unique as each of these products, so too are the facilities and locations in which they are installed. As we continue to establish these products, we have created a quick breakdown of each one, noting their prospective uses and specifications.

Protector Three

The most basic design that is offered by Advanced Padding Systems is the Protector Three option. Intended for use in athletic settings and high-traffic areas, this product is the preferred choice for those looking to protect individuals from accidental injury. This product is not intended for the prevention of intentional self-harm.

Protector Two

The next step up from the Protector Three padding solution is the Protector Two option. Advanced Padding Systems has installed this product in places such as the Montreal-Trudeau International Airport and the Sir John A. McDonald School. The former requested that the padding be installed in their on-site tactical room, while the latter had the product used in their sensory calming room. In both of these instances, a safety precaution has been put in place. However, this option is
not preferred if extreme behavior is anticipated.

Protector Three

The highest quality and, therefore, the most popular product sold by Advanced Padding Systems is the Protector One option. Providing maximum floor to ceiling protection, this seamless padding is ideal for correctional institutions and mental health facilities. With a surface that is durable and easy to clean, the time that would normally be spent on padding maintenance can instead be dedicated to treating the patient who is in need of help.

Providing Calm and Safe Environments

As the stigma of mental health has declined over the decades, more services have been created to address the needs of those who are suffering. Understanding the value of these professional services, it is the goal of Advance Padding Systems to help these programs reach their maximum potential. It is our hope that we are able to provide a calm and safe environment that officers, educators, and healthcare workers are able to serve in.