Guest Blog Post Authored By: Sport Systems

Used to create an environment completely removed from outside distractions, sensory rooms have been proven to help students in schools across North America since becoming widely used over the past decade or so.

Used in other facilities such as special needs centres, respite centres, old age residences and a number of other locations, their effectiveness in the educational sector has provided students of all ages with a quick escape when required and are complete with both audio and visual aids to promote relaxation.

One of our more recent projects was brought to us by the esteemed team at Avron Distribution. As a leading supplier for a wide range of educational, multi-sensory resources intended for all ages and abilities, Avron has grown to be one of the most recognized suppliers in the industry. Their permanent and mobile solutions have helped promote learning, cognitive ability and physical development since the company’s inception in 1994.

With offices across Canada, Avron reached out to our team directly with a highly specialized design for Sir John A McDonald Elementary School in Belleville, Ontario, who was interested in creating a full-scale padded room for its students.